Friday, October 21, 2011

Pirate Ship Masts

I was inspired by pinterest for many of my projects for my son's Pirate Party as you saw in my Pirate Party Decor post.  I love that my hubby is a good sport and plays along with most of my crazy ideas =)  Normally our conversation goes something like this:

Me : "Honey look at how cool this idea looks" as I show him something I've found online.
DH: <Eye roll>
Me: "That looks pretty easy doesn't it?  You could totally make that right?"
DH: "Yes Dear"
He's learned over the years how I like to go a little over the top and luckily for me he is very handy so he can figure out how to accomplish most of what I ask.  I love that guy!

I'd have to say the masts were the biggest project (besides the cake) that we took on.  I was inspired by this picture on pinterest.  Off to Home Depot and Joanns to get the basics.

What you'll need:

3/4 inch PVC cut into the following sizes:
     1 - 6 foot piece
     5 - 2 feet pieces
     3 - 20 inch pieces
     1 - 4 inch or so scrap for the top
3 "x" connectors
1 piece of burlap cut to 46 inches wide by 25 inches tall
1 piece of burlap cut to 38 inches wide by 21 inches tall
Twine or rope
Plastic bucket (purchased from the dollar spot at Target)
Vinyl for skull and cross bones
Black acrylic paint
Foam paint brush
Template for skull and crossbones

Connect your pvc together with X connectors.  We chose not to use any glue to save a step,

Drill holes at ends of pvc where sails will connect.  You will drill a total of 8 holes.

While hubby is putting together the base of the mast, ok you can do this yourself but why do it when he can do it for you =) you can paint your skull and crossbones onto your smaller piece of burlap.

I cut out a template from cardstock with my KNK digital cutter.  I purchased the cutting file aye matey pirate set from lettering delights.  I had to divide it in four sections to fit the size I wanted.  I just held the pieces down rather than glue them with a temporary adhesive because:
1. I'm a bit lazy and wanted it done quicker and
2. I figured it's pirate themed so no perfection is needed.

Attach grommets at four corners of each piece of burlap.

Now you are ready to attach your pieces of burlap to your frame.  We purchased rope by the yard at Joanns.  We found it easier to cut longer and then trim afterwards.

Sorry this picture keeps loading sideways.  Just turn your head to the right and you'll make out the holes better.  
If I had to do things over again I'd also spray paint the pvc to hide the writing on them.  My DH thinks it may even scrape off.  Let me know in the comments if you try this and it works or not.

I cut out another skull and crossbones from vinyl on my KNK to place on the plastic bucket.

My husband first tried pre-drilling a hole in the bucket and it cracked  so I would suggest taking your time and being gentle in the process or just glue it with hot glue or some e-6000 glue.

We placed one of the masts in the center of the table we'd be eating at.
The other we placed on our playstructure that turned into our "ship" for the day. I used some leftover fabric from the Happy Birthday Pennant Banner and I think the color it added worked out great.

I planned on making a little flag for the top like my inspiration picture but ran out of time.  Yes I plan too much and usually can't get it all done in time.  Note to self.... Next year either start earlier or plan less.  Ok starting earlier is more realistic.  LOL

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