Thursday, May 19, 2011

School Organization Nook

Now onto the final part of my organizing your kid's school craziness series.

I don't know how many times I wouldn't find out about a school event or book order due until the day before or after it happened because the papers would get "lost". The weekly planner and contribution chart inspired me to create a spot for all that stuff to land.  I thought this space at the bottom of our stairs would work perfectly since it was right next to the front door.

I won't lie it's not always this nice and neat on the surrounding floor but we're working on it.

I searched everywhere online and in stores to find a cute little paper holder.  I never found one that fit what I envisioned so I decided to modify one myself.  I still have ideas to spice it up even more later.

Did you know they make spray paint specifically for plastics!  Remember that when we do our ATG tape dispenser re-vamp later on.  I bought a generic paper holder from one of those office supply stores and spray painted it brown. Then I had my dear hubby hang it up for me =)

I also keep the spare events, ie dr appointment, field trip, etc in this bin

I love to search through etsy for inspiration.  I came across many different variations on a coat hanger that I knew I (ok my hubby) could make.  I wanted a square shape so I had my husband cut them and router the edges.  I painted them brown and after the paint dried I added a piece of scrapbook paper that matched my boards with mod podge.  Do three coats, again remembering to let the coats dry 15 minutes between the next layer.  Then he attached a hook we found in the cabinet hardware section of Home Depot.  They do carry some oval shaped wood pieces near the moldings and stairway section, just in case you don't have the tools or handy husband to beg.  I love that she can hang her backpack and coat and not just dump it on the stairs like she did before.  Make sure to use anchors when attaching, those backpacks can get pretty heavy.

When she gets home she sits down and puts all her papers, including her agenda, homework, schoolwork completed, and notes into the bin.  I sweep by it sometime in the afternoon and place anything that needs to go back to school into the bin.  After homework is done she places it back in the bin. Every morning she knows that anything in the bin is stuff that needs to go back to school and reloads it into her backpack.

So that's it.  My trick to organizing just some of the craziness we all have to live with.  I'd love to hear how you made this your own!

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