Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My first post!

The dream : Girl starts blog and shares her ideas and crafts with craftaholics everywhere. Thinking it'll be a cinch and things will be up and running within the week.

Reality : Girl researches until her eyes are dry and has a headache. Buys domain name in September, then, does more research. Decides name is too long, buys a new domain name. More research. Now it's eight months later and she's finally ready to go.

Let me introduce myself with a little confession...

My name is Jen and I'm a bit obsessive with a touch of ADD. Heck my DVD's are in alphabetical order, which my husband loves to re-arrange just to drive me crazy. I must have a perfect blog site. With a cute little custom header, eye catching design, and perfectly selected buttons like RSS subscribe (which I've yet to figure out what that is for myself). After researching until I could research no more I broke down and decided to have someone else design my site. Check out Designer blogs, they have some beautiful designs. Being so popular I was on the waitlist for the past few months. The design was finalized this week and I'm very excited to share my ideas with you!

Be on the lookout for posts on my eclectic craft obsessions. My newest addictions are cake decorating and machine embroidery. I am also self taught and fake my way through sewing projects. I love pretty much all things crafty so I will be doing anything from scrapbooking, to altered art and party planning. Sometimes I'm inspired by something I see on another blog and love to make it my own. I will never claim something as my own if I didn't create it myself {big pet peeve of mine}.

I have projects with pictures stashed away on my computer and ready to post soon. I know you will all be waiting on bated breath =)


  1. i got it... my RSS has been updated!!

  2. Congrats Jen on starting your own blog!! Super cute!! :) Can't wait to learn from you!

  3. Prima it's so cute. I will put in my favorite's and keep an eye on update. Love you!