Friday, May 27, 2011

Teacher and bus driver appreciation

Are all of you as crazy busy at this time of year as I am?  I have decided to cut myself some slack and scale back on my end of year gift for Ms A's teacher.  I had an elaborate plan to make cake pops like ones I'd seen over at Bake at 350.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Just in time to save the day I received this teacher appreciation idea from Lisa Storms in my inbox and knew it was my solution to a simple yet fun end of year gift.  You can go to her site to download your own flags to print out.  I took it into microsoft paint to change the wording for Ms A's bus driver.  Some fun tissue paper and a few packets of lemonade and ta da you have a quick gift!

Flag says "Thank you for quenching my thirst for knowledge"

"Thank you for "ade"ing in keeping my kid safe!"

What all did you give to your teacher's this year?


  1. I love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I think I'll throw this together today. I was having trouble coming up with an idea for a gift. The kids last day is tomorrow.

  2. How did you get the PDF to open in paint? I love the bus driver idea for an end of the year gift for our great bus driver but can't figure out how to change the wording! Or can you post your bus driver PDF version by chance?! Thank you!

  3. Awesome idea, Great Gift for my kids Teachers!

  4. Hi Morgan,
    It's been so long I can't really recall how I did bring it into paint. I just tried again and couldn't. I'm going to guess that I must have pulled it into photoshop to convert to a jpg? Send me an email under the contact me tab for the file. Without permission I'd hate to post it here.